Accommodation: Camping during festivals

The Western Daily Press reports that -

"The National Trust, which owns much of the village, has found itself caught in the middle of several different interest groups: English Heritage wants to preserve the stones, the council wants to keep roads open, the police want to stop anti-social behaviour, the pagans want to uphold their right to their religious observances and residents want the three-day 'invasion' kept to a minimum.
"Residents were given three options by the trust. The first was to ban overnight camping in the large village car park, the second was to create a new campsite east of West Kennet Avenue, away from the homes, and the third was to continue to allow limited camping in the overflow car park.
"The trust said results showed villagers wanted a temporary campsite. "It was felt the option of doing nothing could create significant problems," said Mr Green.
""Although there is no definitive outcome, the trend of responses points towards the continued use of the overflow car park for a limited number of tents as being the least offensive option.""

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