Accommodation: Summer solstice camping 2009

"Overnight camping will be permitted on the nights of Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 June.

"Location: Dedicated area near the main car park. We welcome your donations towards covering the cost of refuse and toilet facilities."

More info here -

Avebury ramblings

"Clare Balding explores walks that are good for the mind, body and soul.”

This episode on BBC Radio 4 begins in the Vale of Pewsey and ends In Avebury. A few little inaccuracies about Avebury but those can be forgiven as it is such a pleasure to listen to two balladeers so enthused with their pilgrimage.

“Clare walks in Wiltshire with the ‘modern-day Troubadours’ who have been singing for their supper as they tramp the length and breadth of Britain. After studying The Canterbury Tales from his university desk, Will decided he needed to experience the route on foot, a journey that has now expanded to walking across Britain with school friends Ed and Ginger.”