Accommodation: The Swindon Marriott

The Swindon Marriott - is well worth checking out if you're planning on visiting the Avebury area. This hotel does some truly excellent weekend deals which often include a first-class breakfast. In fact the Marriott deals can actually work out cheaper than a regular B&B. The rooms at the Swindon Marriott are superb, with comfortable beds, in-room tea and coffee making facilities (don't touch the minibar though unless you're super rich as it registers even the tiniest movement of the things inside), TV and internet access in all rooms and the usual ample supply of towels, toiletries etc that you'd expect to find at any top ranking hotel.

The Pipers Way road is only a stone's throw from the Swindon Marriott and takes you straight to Wroughton, and from there on to Avebury without having to go through Swindon. From Wroughton the drive to Avebury takes around 15-20 minutes, going past the Wroughton Science Museum, then over some beautiful Downland and, just before Avebury itself, past the hamlets of Winterbourne Bassett and Winterbourne Monkton with their well-worth visiting churches. See -