Pubs: The Red Lion

There's actually only one pub in Avebury and that's The Red Lion. Some people love it, some people hate it; it does have one thing going for it though, and that is that it's right in the stone circle and a convenient place to meet people whatever the weather. The annual Avebury Megameet (an informal meeting of those interested in things megalithic) has met in the Red Lion for the last two years due to bad weather. Other groups also meet there at various times of the year, and the big front room with its well and associated ghost
is occasionally closed off for private functions.

There's a bus stop just outside the Red Lion and a carpark at the side. The pub has a reasonably priced selection of drinks (reasonable that is by London standards) though waiting to be served can take a while at busy times. There's one large dining area at the back of the pub and four other rooms of various sizes in the centre and at the front. Outside, on the cobbled yard, there are a dozen or so wooden benches, and this area overlooks the south-east quadrant of the circle. The nice thing about the Red Lion is that even if you're on your own you can soon strike up a conversation with like-minded people. The pub is presently undergoing a refurbishment and accommodation there is not available.